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By using our service, you can save considerable amount of money every year in actual Transcription costs (up to 80%) plus our service is available 365 days a year. Four levels of strict quality control by our experienced proof readers and editors ensure that your reports are 99% error-free--the industry standard. We use state of the art voice recording system available all year round. Clients have option of either call in from any telephone to our dictation system or use hand-held digital voice recorder to send in their dictations. Either way, we offer high quality Transcription service at very economical rates. Our service ensures high level of security and we are HIPAA compliant.

Medical Transcription Made Easy:

For all your Medical Transcription needs, remember, Zenith Transcription Solutions, Inc. We offer accurate, reliable, high quality Medical Transcription service at highly competitive rates that could save you hundreds of dollars every month without compromising the quality and accuracy. Our Medical Transcription Service is totally computer and Internet based which means that you enjoy the technological wonders Internet has to offer. We offer EMR/EHR Transcription service at no additional cost.

Customer Support

Unlike some other MT companies, who offer toll-free service without any customer support, we at ZTS, Inc. go extra mile to satisfy our clients' needs. All customer support issues are handled on priority basis. Customer service is available year round and most of the customer support technical issues are resolved in few hours not days. We train Doctors and their office staff on one to one basis from the very first day you start using our services. All clients’ set up process is handled by our experienced staff and is offered free of cost to the client.


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